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Hamilton, Ontario – Striking (Boxing-Kickboxing-Muay Thai)

Most Real Self Defense Situations/Fights Start in the Standing Position

Our striking classes will provide you with wide range of striking skills that will keep you safe while you’re up there. You’ll learn punches, kicks, knees, elbow strikes as well as countless combinations, counters and defenses.

Looking to Get into Great Shape?

All striking classes are action packed from start to finish and will provide you with a awesome cardio workout! Work your way into top shape as you punch pads, smash heavy bags, shadow fight, jump rope and cycle through the many other fun and challenging exercises our instructors have in store for you.

Beginner Classes

Perfect for students of all fitness levels, our beginner striking classes are a great way to learn most important fundamental techniques. Instructors will assist you to master the basics in a safe, energized and motivating atmosphere. This is where all of our newest members start their training so you’ll feel right at home even if you have zero experience in martial arts.

Advanced Classes

Once you’ve got the basics down, the advanced class will take you to the next level. Light/Controlled Sparring is introduced and you’ll learn some amazing technical details that will have you moving like a pro in no time.

Boxing Classes

A chance to hone in on the many important technical details that make up a solid punching skill set, our boxing classes are a fun way to get into top shape.  You’ll learn how to punch hard with very little effort; how to defend yourself by developing skills like footwork, slipping, rolling , working at angles and many more. Get ready for an awesome workout from start to finish!

Fighter Class

For those looking to compete in kickboxing, boxing or mixed martial arts, this class is one that you will receive an invitation to, once you’ve built a solid understanding of the fundamentals in your art and have shown strong work ethic and dedication to your training.

Expect a lot of specific technical work –both striking and groundwork– and lots of sparring.

Interested students, please speak with Jeff to let him know that you’d be interested in competing in the future.

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Latest Posts

  •   Training at Joslins is great. Awesome atmosphere and Jeff is an encyclopedia on all things martial arts.

    thumb Alasdair Barr
  •   Awesome gym with an amazing coach. The members are welcoming and everyone is there to help each other improve performance and fitness. As a female training jiu jitsu, I encourage other women who have been thinking about martial arts to come and try a class at Joslins.

    thumb Madelaine Golec
  •   Jeff and his staff are some of the nicest most welcoming humble people you'll encounter. Not to mention their skill and experience. This gym produces insane amount of talent. Very proud to have trained there.

    thumb Abu Malik
  •   Quality instructors with great team environment. Large space to train and a positive atmosphere.

    thumb Ryan Burney
  •   Joslins mma is a great place to learn martial arts and get fit. The club is great for the recreational person or high level pro fighter. And everyone is friendly and welcoming.

    thumb Andrew Walsh
  •   It was my mission to find 16 young hockey players a place to condition , get stronger,tougher ,learn balance and get motivated.. I found it with Joslin's Mixed Martial Arts.. Jeff these boys loved every session you gave them. We saw a difference on the ice they looked tougher and no one was pushing them around.I even heard one of our boys quote something you told him. Jeff you were wonderful with these kids, it shows that this is your passion.. Thanks for everything over the last few months. Fingers crossed the boys are on to winning their playoffs!! Hope to see you next year with another set of hockey players.. Sincerely the Peewee Glanbrook Rangers

    thumb Kim Hatcher-Cassiani
  •   Jeff has a very organized curriculum in place. A really great environment to learn in!

    thumb Joey Ayotte
  •   Jeff is one of the best, proud to know him. Joslin's gym produces excellent athletes in and outside the ring!!!!

    thumb Kru David Crawley
  •   Great place to challenge yourself mentally and physically love the people I have met over the years and always welcoming the new comers and get them to work hard and push them out of their comfort zone

    thumb Phil Howitzer
  •   You can't go wrong here. The Joslin family and team have big hearts and love helping people. They are also renowned and among the best in the world of mixed martial arts. People of all ages, shapes and sizes, and walks of life will gain something and feel welcome.

    thumb David Wolanski