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BJJ Ranks

It takes plenty of hard work, dedication over a lengthy amount of time to move up in rank in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Belts do not come easy and earning your next one is definitely a huge accomplishment.

Here are the names of those that have earned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu belts under BJJ head instructor Jeff Joslin.


Jeff Joslin

Dave Mark
Dean Massicotte
Jason Powell
Jerome Champagnie

Dallas O’Regan
Andrew Bowler
Ryan Dickson
Mike Hoad
Eric Olympico
Mike Kocmarek
Dave Ciceri
Jurgen Rudolph
David Schnurr
Mike Samson

Alex Cowser
Bill Agnew
Dana Del Fabro
Andrew Kwan
Anthony Tullo
Bryan Edge
Brandon Clinton
Dylan Balla
Farshad Karam
Jack Szatko
Kris Albert
Mark Uvegas
Rick Morgan
Rowan Cunningham
Rudy Sbranchella
Matt Melo
Mike McCormack
Jake Davies
Joey Martin
Lam Ngo

Andre Burkovsky
Andrew Walsh
Blair Mankelow
Brett Hayes
Brian Whitmore
Doug Sephton
Dave Tremaine
Ivan Diaz
Jason Peters
John Veale
John Brenyo
Josh Church
Kirk Sage
Kyle Willrich
Michelle Fulton
Mike Luton
David Looker
Dylan Routledge
Nick Miscovic
Ryan Hunt
Sean O’Quinn
Shane Callaghan
Steve Lancia
Youseff Dimassi

Latest Posts

  •   Awesome gym with an amazing coach. The members are welcoming and everyone is there to help each other improve performance and fitness. As a female training jiu jitsu, I encourage other women who have been thinking about martial arts to come and try a class at Joslins.

    thumb Madelaine Golec
  •   Great instructors, they really connect with the kids and get them interested in learning and having fun while doing it , 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍🏼

    thumb Julie Waite
  •   I moved to Hamilton and started training under Jeff and his Cadre of Black Belts just over a year ago. Previously I trained under Rodrigo Munderuca in Winnipeg and Mike Yackulic in Edmonton, both amazing instructors. The dedication and skill level of EVERY Belt at Joslin's is on a level I have not seen before. This is no disrespect to my previous instructors as they have great clubs and great people. This is to say Joslin's really is something special and anyone who has any inclination of trying a martial art near Hamilton should come to Joslin's first. You won't regret it!

    thumb Jay Wily
  •   Amazing experiance. Started yesterday. I have fallin in love.

    thumb Mike Beck
  •   I have my boys at Joslin's for over 3 years and I can see how much confidence they have gained. Watching them giving their best at the dojo or the tournament has inspired me and therefore joined Jeff's BJJ class last year. It's almost like my second home and the camaraderie is just great. The classes are always interesting and sensies are always encouraging me to give my very best and learn something new.

    thumb Stephan Schmidt
  •   Jeff Joslin is one of the best teachers I have meet it takes a special kinda person to teach bjj and explain it that so many different people and skill levels can understand and grow with the sport Jeff is that kinda guy �

    thumb Craig Readings
  •   The people at Joslin's become your family! Great place to learn and train!

    thumb Geoff St-Denis
  •   I'm only about 4 months in, but Joslin's has been such a great experience. I've felt welcome from the first day and everyone there is always excited to help out each other learn. On top of that, what a great workout... one of my goals was to get in better shape - and I'm already down 25lbs and my cardio is miles better than when I started. Thanks to Jeff and the entire Joslin team!

    thumb Adam Wills
  •   Always fun to train in a club that makes you feel welcome. Great group of people to train with. Also the instructors are knowledgable and always trying to introduce new things in your jujitsu life.

    thumb Jason Barros
  •   Training at Joslins is great. Awesome atmosphere and Jeff is an encyclopedia on all things martial arts.

    thumb Alasdair Barr