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Joslin’s Martial Arts was Founded Nearly 50 years Ago

Opened by 3 Time Canadian Karate Champion, Rick Joslin in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada it has become one of Canada’s most established martial arts schools. Rick was one of the first Full Contact Karate (Kickboxing) Fighters in Canada and his undefeated kickboxing team was a powerful force back in the 1970’s.

Since the day it opened, over 10,000 students (ages 4-60+) have been taught martial arts by either Rick or his son Jeff Joslin.

Jeff has accomplished huge things in Martial Arts as well, winning over 200 gold medals during a competitive martial arts career that spanned close to three decades.

He was the first Canadian in history to win Gold at an international Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament (IBJJF Pan/American Championship 2002); He has fought in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and many other shows as a professional MMA Fighter and won the Apex MMA Fighting World Welterweight Championship Title as well.

In the videos below, Rick and Jeff talk a little bit about the history of Joslin’s Mixed Martial Arts from their perspectives.

Rick Joslin Interview – “The Old School Days” (Part 1 of 2)

Rick Joslin Interview “The Old School Days” (Part 2 of 2)

In the next video, Jeff Joslin takes you on a tour of Joslin’s MMA and talks about the gym which was his childhood home and place of martial arts training growing up.

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