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Team Joslin’s Kickboxers do Well in their Demo Fights – K1 Rules

We are very proud of these 4 warriors (Naj, Jesse, Nick & Alex). Each of them had their first K1 rules Demo Bouts on the weekend. First fight is always the toughest and they all did great! Thanks to Dylan Hayes for helping work the corner and to all who came to support the team. #joslinsmma#k1 #muaythai #boxing

Team Joslin's Kickboxers do Well in their Demo Fights - K1 Rules

Joslin’s BJJ Team wins 15 Medals at the Niagara Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Open!


The Joslin’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu team had a great day at yesterdays Niagara BJJ Open. From our youngest to oldest competitor, everyone showed great heart and skill. Congrats eveyone!

Our team won 7 Gold, 7 Silver and 1 Bronze. Team Joslins results are:

Joey Martin – Double Gold
Declan Korda – Double Gold
Brayden Audit – Gold
Garry Johns – Gold
Kevin Medeiros – Gold
Angel Mechonchu – Double Silver
Andrew Bowler – Silver amd Bronze
Marcus Gough – Silver
Alyssa Chick – Silver
Jason Barros – Silver
Marc Gillespie – Silver

#joslinsmma #joslinsbjjkids #hamont #bjj

In-House Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament at Joslins Martial Arts (Hamilton)

inhousebjjtourney2017Joslin’s Mixed Martial Arts will be holding an In-house Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament for all of our students on Saturday, April 8th, 2017.
We’ll be having both kids and adult divisions broken down by weight and belt levels.
Kids divisions start at 10:30am. Adults begin at 12:30pm

Come have some fun with the team and gain some competition experience!Both Adult ABSOLUTE DIVISION WINNERS will win prizes!

White Belt Absolute (All weights)
Colour Belt Absolute (All weights)


Place : Joslin’s (436 Concession Street)
Date: Saturday, April 8th, 2017
Time: Kids start at 10:30am, Adults at 12:30pm
Entry fee: $25
Register in Person at Joslin’s
You must be a student at Joslin’s Mixed Martial Arts or an Alliance BJJ school to compete.

Tia Biason wins the Maple City MMA Fighting 125lbs Title!

Team Joslin’s (Hamilton) headed out to Chatham this weekend for the Maple City Cage MMA Fighting Championship. Big congrats to Tia Biason on winning the 125lbs title by Second round TKO. What an awesome battle! We are all very proud of you Tia. #joslinsmma #champ #mma #bjj #boxing #muaythai


7 Gold and 14 Medals for the Joslin’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Team at the Ascension BJJ Open!

Congrats to the Joslin’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu team members on their success at the 2017  Ascension BJJ Open this weekend.

The team took home 14 medals including 7 Gold. It was a very exciting event with lots of our team members competing for their very first time.

Good work everyone!

7 Gold and 14 Medals for the Joslin's Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Team at the Ascension BJJ Open!

Padwork Training with Amro at Joslin’s (Boxing, Kickboxing)

A little after padwork session with Amro, focusing on his head movement, footwork, angles and combinations.



Joslin’s Kids Karate In-House Tournament (Hamilton)

Awesome to see our #joslinskaratekids having a fun time at our In-House Karate Tournament yesterday. The team showed great skill and sportsmanship throughout the day. Congrats to everyone who came out and thanks to our awesome parents for bringing them out to participate. Big thanks to our scorekeepers and judges for helping to make the event run smoothly. Here are a few pics from the event…

#joslinsmma #joslinskaratekids #karate #inhousetournament #kata#sparring #hamont #fun #sportsmanship

IMG_20170205_091532_137 (1)

18 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Students earn their next belts at the Annual Joslin’s BJJ Grading – Hamilton

What a great day of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu technique and rolling at the 2017 Joslin’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Grading!

18 of our students passed for their next belt rank in BJJ.

Congrats to all who graded today! and thanks to everyone who came out to support.



Joslin’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Hamilton) team takes home 18 Medals at the Ontario Provincial BJJ Championship!

Just got in from the Ontario Provincial BJJ Championships. 16 hours of coaching and I still have my voice, it’s a miracle .

Team Joslin’s ended up winning 7 Gold, 5 Silver, and 6 Bronze.


Team Joslin’s Results
Brayden Audit – Gold x 2
Marcus Gough – Gold x 2
Dana Del Fabro Gold
Dolan Walker Gold
Ryan Anderson Gold

Declan Korda – Silver
Victoria Meng silver
Amro Al Falastini silver
Amr Ghoneim Silver
Adriano Dellasnadro Silver

Khaled Ramadan Bronze in division and Bronze in Absolute
Lam Ngo bronze
Alex Pattison bronze
Lucas Morin – Bronze
Kevin Almeida bronze

So proud of our team! From our youngest competitor Viet to our Senior Division Athletes, you all did an amazing job and I’m honoured to be your coach. I’d like to share a few words about each of you.


First thanks to all our parents for bringing the kids out and supporting our team throughout the day. Thanks to Mike Korda for keeping me fed and energized and Cory Dunne for keeping me hydrated

Viet – Wow, huge improvements made since your last tourney! Great base, balance and fighting spirit. Very impressed by the fight and skill you showed out there!

Marcus – Awesome job buddy! Solid top game control with deadly pressure and great defense when you needed it.

Declan – Man, you fought some crazy battles! Happy you got the chance to pull off some new techniques and your sweeps looked strong. Looking forward to your next tourney!

Lucas – What a first match! 20 seconds of beastmode attacking untill you landed that choke. You also showed great skill against your second opponent. Keep up the awesome work!

Brayden – Crazy focus and relentless attacks! You did an awesome job of imposing your game on your opponents and stuck with the plan until you got the wins. Great way to finish the year  Nice work out there!


Tl Thipsouvanh– Great match TL, showed some great toughness to escape trouble and turn on the heat to your opponent. Huge improvements since your last tourney! Keep it up.

Mike Hissink – We all know how skilled and tough you are on the mats. Your time to shine in competitions will come soon. Keep training hard and competing regularly. that Match was so close…

Alex Gluzman – Great battles against some tough opponent’s. You’re hard work is paying off and 2017 will be your year to take home Gold’s in your division. I know it! Keep it up bro.

Amro Al Falastini – Congrats on your Silver and your exciting matches. With some extra focus on BJJ training and tournaments, you will soon be unstoppable in your division. I have no doubt. Keep training hard bro.

Dolan Walker – Speed, toughness and technique! You are definitely ready for the next level. Congrats on your gold and I’m very proud of how hard you have worked since coming back to training. Keep it up!

Kevin Moreira YanoMami – Man, great fights, huge difference in your confidence, defense, attacks and toughness out there. You will be a force to reckon with in 2017. I see many gold medals ahead for you. Keep it up buddy!

Mahmoud Elgamal – It took a sneaky choke you’ve never seen to stop you from reaching the podium. You were tearing through your opponents! Awesome watching you compete and I look forward to you being a dominant force in 2017. Very impressed by your dedication and mindset. Warrior!

Alex Pattison – Great BJJ tournament debut man! You showed excellent control, technique and calmness out there. I missed your last match but I know anything that catches you once won’t likely catch you again that’s for sure. I look forward to your next competition!

Lam Ngo – Lam, congrats on your Bronze and nice work in the absolute. You’re game looked aggressive, tight and very technical. One or two adjustments that we talked about and that guard will be ultra tough to pass. Very impressed by your performances this weekend.

Jon Agnew – Holy smokes! back to competing and you take on the champ first match. So impressed bro. You held your own, did some great attacks and escapes and was so close to that pass at the end. A couple of small tweaks as you get used to the increased pace of competition and you’ll be even tougher out there. Watch out!

Amr Ghoneim – Your game is looking more complete with every week that passes and it really showed this weekend. Very exciting to watch you compete and fun to coach from the side. You have grown into one of the toughest Blue Belts in the province in a very short time at the belt. Keep askin questions, training hard and pushing yourself. Can’t wait to see what your future holds.

Khaled Ramadan – You’re half guard was on fire! The improvements you have made in the last year are phenomenal. So happy to see your game shine this weekend! Let’s get that conditioning to the next level and your opponent’s will suffer  Very impressed by what you did out there, keep up the great work!

Victoria Meng – What a killer instinct! Great debut into the BJJ tournament scene. You set a goal and killed it. Congrats on the Silver. I know you will continue to train hard and I have no doubt that Gold will be around your neck soon. Very happy to have you as a part of our team.

Dana Del Fabbro – Congrats on the Gold. After a dominating first match and win for you, I watched your next opponent and thought this next one is going to be tough! Then you come out and dominate again! You have a great combination of intelligence, toughness, stubbornness and fire inside you. Never lose that. You proved you are ready for the next level, keep training hard and you will without a doubt climb to the top of your next division as well.

Ryan Anderson – Your hard work and dedication has molded you into an ultra tough grappler in both training and competition. As a coach you make my job easy  Your style, toughness, skill and belief in yourself has helped you rise to the top of your division. You are ready to take the next step. Train hard and you will without a doubt become a champ at your next belt level.

Dan Carter – You are a beast! Consistence will come my friend, keep training hard, create good game plans and work hard to stick to them. You are becoming very tough to roll with in the gym. Once that relaxed game transfer over into competition you’re opponents will be in a lot of trouble!

Adriano D’Alessandro – Great job at your very first tournament! such a close match. Your opponent felt your base, strength and toughness. Every tournament gets easier with experience. Keep training hard and testing yourself on that mats. You are a great role model for you kids and an inspiration to us at the gym.

Great work everyone!

Joslin’s Fighters Battle Hard at the Muay Thai Madness Event…

This weekend we had a great time at the Muay Thai Madness event in Toronto! Both Dylan Hayes and Tia Ardemia Biason performed excellent in their Muay Thai Demo matches. Thanks to our friend Audrée Charbonneau for inviting us. Looking forward to the next one! #muaythai #kickboxing #teamjoslins #hamont



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