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Enfuzion Self Defense (Hamilton) – A Letter from Jeff Joslin


Thank you for visiting the Enfuzion Self-Defense section of our website.

We all have a great number of important things to focus our attention on. Some of us are focused on our education, our jobs, friends and family. Violence really has no place in our lives and becoming a victim of it, or sometimes even worrying about it, can create a huge disturbance to everything that is important to us.

With real confidence, we are very prepared to better deal with the stresses of everyday life. With the proper knowledge, we can avoid conflicts or in certain circumstances diffuse a hostile situation before it can escalate into something much more dangerous. A person that is confident and capable of defending themselves is free to invest all of their time and energy into actions that will make them grow as people, enjoy life, and move them toward accomplishing their goals.

The Enfuzion Self Defense Program builds confidence by focusing on the three vital aspects of personal safety: Avoidance, Escape & Survival.

First we teach the most important skill of avoidance, by sharing and reinforcing a great number of easy to remember tips and strategies with our students throughout our 4 and 8 week programs (for businesses) or our 3-5 day programs (for schools).

At the same time, the student’s will begin to learn new skills that will enable them to quickly flee from most dangerous encounters. They will leave every training session with a much higher level of confidence.

Lastly, through drilling and practice, we teach the students simple, safe, fun, and highly effective survival techniques that work in realistic situations when escape is not immediately possible. These are the tools that can be easily applied under pressure to defend and escape from a physical attack.

All Enfuzion Self Defense techniques are based solely on leverage, never strength. In as little as one lesson students will be amazed at what they can accomplish regardless of their size, age or athletic ability.

All of my instructors have successfully completed a rigorous instructor’s course and each possesses a wealth of experience in the martial arts field. Every training session is presented in a safe, fun and exciting way.

I look forward to working with your staff,  students (teachers) or with you directly through private or semi-private training.

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Jeff Joslin
Creator of Enfuzion Self Defense
Head Instructor – Joslin’s MMA

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