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Joslin’s BJJ team wins 24 medals at the NextGen Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championship

Joslin’s BJJ team wins 24 medals at the NextGen Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championship

Very Proud of our adult and youth BJJ students. Yesterday they put themselves to the test at the Next Gen Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament in Niagara Falls. We sent 30 competitors and after all the battling was done, they came back with 24 medals (6 Gold, 13 Silver and 5 Bronze). For many of them it was their very first tournament. Thanks to our instructors for helping them prepare and thanks to everyone of you who stepped up to the challenge. You all did amazing!
Jomar Gacoscos – Gold in his division & Silver in Absolute
Garry Johns – Gold
Sean Malone – Gold
Glenn Hannus – Gold
Malik Dimassi – Gold
Emily Agnew – Gold
Mahoud Elgamal – Silver
Michael Carson- Silver
Linady Imperial – Silver
Dana Del Fabro – Silver
Jase Skeet – Silver
Ethan Wilson – Silver
Monica Burt – Silver
Viet Nguyen- Silver
Blake Cowser -Silver
Abby Adams – Silver
Isabella Harper- Silver
Lucas Morin – Silver
Kevin Medeiros -Bronze
Gia Bedour- Bronze
Cesare Morin – Bronze
Marcus Gough- Bronze
Alyssa Chick – Bronze

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