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International Women’s Day Event – Free Training for Women (18+) – March 6th,7th and 8th,2017

International Women’s Day Event – Free Training for Women (18+) – March 6th,7th and 8th,2017


In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’re offering FREE Training to all Women (ages 16+) on March 6th,7th and 8th.

All Women gain access to Unlimited training in:

  • Kickboxing – Punch, Kick and work your conditioning in a safe environment
  • Boxing – Hit pads, heavy bags and learn techniques from the “Sweet Science”
  • Cardio Kickboxing – A full body workout 
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – Learn how to defend yourself against a bigger, stronger attacker
  • Self Defense Classes – Learn how to escape the most common attacks in the street

No experience necessary. There will be lots of new people training over the 3 days. Come on out and join us for some great workouts. You’ll be sure to have some fun, meet new people and learn some techniques/strategies necessary to keep yourself safe.

Space is limited. Sign up using the form below to confirm your spot and receive your special International Women’s Day event class schedule.

See you on the mats!

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  •   Amazing experiance. Started yesterday. I have fallin in love.

    thumb Mike Beck
  •   My son had no desire on any sport or training till he we signed him up for Joslins summer camp.last year. Since than he has become a yellow belt in karate and can not get enough training. Jeff is great with the kids and my son had an amazing time with the class and him as the instructor Thanks Jeff and team Joslins!

    thumb Thomas Mes
  •   I have my boys at Joslin's for over 3 years and I can see how much confidence they have gained. Watching them giving their best at the dojo or the tournament has inspired me and therefore joined Jeff's BJJ class last year. It's almost like my second home and the camaraderie is just great. The classes are always interesting and sensies are always encouraging me to give my very best and learn something new.

    thumb Stephan Schmidt
  •   I found Jeff Joslin to be extremely knowledgeable and passionate. He has a special patience and a gift for teaching and encouraging all students. The other instructors also share his genuine desire to help the students learn and git fit. I've found the members to be very friendly and always encouraging as we learn and practice together. The all around fitness obtained from attending regular classes is amazing.

    thumb Zen Maszczak
  •   I would recommend that anyone who is even remotely interested in MMA and has a good attitude sign up at Joslin's now and just try it out. The encouragement I receive each day, along with the self-confidence of knowing I can defend myself has really made my life better. My day is just not the same unless I've hit the mats and learned something new. Everyone there is awesome and always willing to help you learn and grow. I look forward to the next class more and more every time I go and am in the best shape of my life thanks to training at Joslin's!

    thumb Ryan Anderson
  •   Great training, environment and coaching! Would recommend for people of all ages and goals.

    thumb Amr Ghoneim
  •   Hands down best JiuJitsu, MMA, Kickboxing club in Hamilton. One of the best clubs to train at in Canada!

    thumb Adam Wallace
  •   I can't tell u the time I had here and looking forward to coming back kids love this place I love this place :)) How can anybody not love this place taking personal growth to a whole new level

    thumb Kyro Parry
  •   Jeff has a very organized curriculum in place. A really great environment to learn in!

    thumb Joey Ayotte
  •   Jeff Joslin is one of the best teachers I have meet it takes a special kinda person to teach bjj and explain it that so many different people and skill levels can understand and grow with the sport Jeff is that kinda guy �

    thumb Craig Readings